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The health and safety of our staff and our clients is ALWAYS our #1 priority.
During this global pandemic situation we are taking additional steps to help keep everyone safe. Some of our additional measures include:

  • Daily health screenings for all staff, prior to entering our clients’ homes.

  • Certified equipment decontamination, completed in a special facility, at
    the end of each day and sanitizing of equipment before and after each
    use during the day.

  • Staff are required to follow Health Canada’s directive of regular, 20-
    second hand-washing and sanitizing, during home visits, after home visits
    and prior to entering our clients homes or our offices.

  • Additional applications of Health Canada registered sanitizer/disinfectant to all “high-contact” surfaces (ie. light
    switches, door-knobs, railings, etc.) This step is provided at no extra cost.

  • Our staff will wear face masks and gloves at all times while inside your home/office


We look forward to providing you the best and safest cleaning service money can buy!

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